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This document includes the terms and conditions of contracting the products of the online Sailor beer store, owned by Sailor Muelle Conca SL

Full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions is necessary for the acquisition of products from the online store, as well as acceptance of the rest of the terms and conditions contained in our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Such agreements and conditions make up the “Contract” between the user/client and Sailor Muelle Conca SL and will govern the commercial relationship between both. Sailor Muelle Conca SL reserves the right to modify and update its contents, terms and conditions of contract, as well as its Privacy Policy, so the user must ensure that these terms and conditions are the latest published.

The user/client, hereinafter the buyer, to contract must be of legal age and be in full exercise of their powers to contract in accordance with Spanish legislation.


a) Product selection:

After accessing the online store, the user must select the products they wish to purchase, a selection that will be reflected in the shopping cart. Each of the products has a description, the price per unit of the product with applicable taxes and the quantity of the product. The final purchase price, when selecting the product, will be increased by shipping costs. However, depending on where the order must be sent and the amount finally purchased, expenses may vary and said variation will be reported in the final phase of contracting, but always prior to payment. Likewise, the prices of the products will be updated at all times, except for a manifest error in the price in which case, Sailor Muelle Conca SL will contact the consumer who accepts the correct price of the product or offer to cancel the order and refund the amount. subscriber.

Once the products have been selected, the user/customer must go to the cart and check that the selection fits their order.

Before completing the purchase, you must register by providing the information contained in the form. The sections indicated with an asterisk are mandatory and the rest of the fields are optional. The required fields are necessary to carry out the purchase and your refusal to provide them will prevent you from placing the order. Likewise, you must accept the Privacy Policy and the rest of the terms and conditions. The personal data and the rest of the information necessary to place the order must be true and up-to-date and, otherwise, the buyer assumes the responsibility of providing incomplete or false information.

b) Payment methods:

The online store offers you the following payment methods:

Credit cards: By using a virtual POS provided by CAIXABANK of Redsys.

All forms of payment are made through secure platforms that use security measures and protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of transactions. The payment information entered in the form will be processed directly by the service providers. Sailor Muelle Conca SL does not have access to it.

Once all the data has been entered, and the purchase has been verified by the user, they will receive an email confirming the order with a summary of the transaction (products purchased, price and approximate delivery times). Once the purchase has been made, if Sailor Muelle Conca SL does not have one or more of the purchased products available, this fact will be communicated directly to the customer by email so that they can replace the products or cancel the order.

In the event that charges occur on your card without your intervention, you will be entitled to an immediate refund of the charge. However, Sailor Muelle Conca SL may ask you to justify the loss, theft, misplacement or blocking of the card to prove the fraudulent charge.


Once payment has been verified, Sailor Muelle Conca SL will deliver the order within a period of no more than 72 business hours (for deliveries within the “territory”) computed from the day after receiving payment, without taking into account Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. .

Expenses will be included in the price and will be calculated during the contracting process.


a) Right to withdraw from the contract:

As long as the buyer is a final consumer, he or she will have the right to withdraw from the contract within a period of no more than 14 calendar days from receipt of the order. The withdrawal may be communicated to Sailor Muelle Conca SL by the following means:

Customer service telephone: +34960045493

Email: hello@sailorfishbar.com

Once you have communicated your desire to withdraw from the purchase, you must send the order in its original packaging, as it concerns food products, and taking charge of the shipping costs, to the following address:

Sailor Muelle Conca SL

Carrer de Mossèn Cuenca, 38
46012 Valencia

Sailor Muelle Conca SL, after verifying that the order is in perfect condition and in its original packaging, will proceed to refund the amount paid by the customer (not including return costs that will be borne by the buyer) within a period of no more than 14 calendar days counted from receipt of the order.

b) Returns due to changes or incidents in the order:

In the event of a discrepancy between what was purchased and what was sent, Sailor Muelle Conca SL will assume the costs necessary to replace the incorrectly sent product with the correct one. To do this, you must notify Sailor Muelle Conca SL of the shipping error, within a period of no more than 14 calendar days from receipt of the order, through the following means:

Customer service telephone: +34960045493

Email: hello@sailorfishbar.com

Once the Sailor Muelle Conca SL incident has been received, it will contact the buyer to manage the withdrawal of the product and its replacement with the product actually purchased.


Sailor Muelle Conca SL is responsible for the quality and perfect condition of its products, their specifications and the rest of the information contained in their labeling. If the purchased product is visibly in poor condition or has suffered any damage during transport, you must inform us as soon as possible by calling customer service or by email to the address indicated above. In these cases, Sailor Muelle Conca SL will assume any costs incurred in the removal or replacement of the product.

Wine is a living product that evolves and requires minimum conservation conditions. Sailor Muelle Conca SL will not be responsible for products sold that have been partially consumed or stored improperly by the buyer before consumption.

The photographs and/or images of the products that appear published in the online store are to illustrate the customer and identify our products. There may be small differences between the images and photographs on the website and the reality of the product (different shades, different presentation, etc.). Sailor Muelle Conca SL SL is not responsible for these small differences and, unless the product is substantially different from the one purchased, your request will not be attended to for this reason.

Sailor Muelle Conca SL will not be responsible for breach of contract when said breach is caused by fire, strike, fortuitous event, force majeure. Nor will it be responsible for non-compliance by third parties (payment gateways, information society service providers, etc., and ultimately those third parties who are not suppliers of Sailor Muelle Conca SL.

Despite acting diligently, Sailor Muelle Conca SL cannot sometimes avoid the interruption of the services it provides through the website for reasons of maintenance, updating, security or external causes, nor can it ensure the supply and availability of all its products at all times. Likewise, behind the online store there is a human team that can make mistakes that we try to correct as soon as possible. None of the aforementioned reasons can give rise to a claim for damages, direct or indirect.


Sailor Muelle Conca SL is aware of and responsible for the laws of the places to which it sends its products (in this case Spain).

The terms and conditions of the contract will be governed by Spanish laws. Any dispute that may arise between the buyer and the seller in relation to the interpretation and/or execution of the contract will be resolved before the Judges and Courts of the consumer’s domicile.

We also remind you that you can access the European Union’s online dispute resolution platform by following this link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home2.show